2018 recap from Unika

Thank you all for an exciting year 2018.


The past year has been exciting, as we have challenged ourselves with what we yet have accomplished as a plastic producer. Our innovative approach has especially come to use with our newly installed heat pump, which was an employee-proposal at the beginning of the year. As a result, we are now utilizing all waste heat from both the plastic production and the tool department, and therefore we have become local warmth suppliers and cover 20% of Ans By's heating demand (corresponding to approximately 200 households).


Throughout the year, we have focused on sustainability and the environment, and we are very pleased to see such a great interest in bioplastic and recycled plastic. This has also led to several projects focusing on environmentally conscious issues. During the first quarter, we are launching the largest production of recycled plastic so far, and are very optimistic about the increasing trend in sustainability.


In addition, we have expanded our repertoire with now being able to offer pad printing on topics. Our new printing machine can make tampography, also known as tampon printing, which presses a silicone pad on any item. In our plastic production, we also received our largest injection moulding machine, which was transported on two trucks. The 55-ton machine moulds plastic pieces up to 80cm and is so large of a scale, that a full-grown man can stand inside the machine to handle the tool.


In our tool department, a new measuring room with room for the big Zeiss measuring machines has been built. In addition, we have received a new precision laser welder that can work in both steel, aluminium and copper. It is using an integrated round table, which rotates the item while welding and works extremely precisely.


We see an increasing tendency for European companies moving their production from the East and back to Europe. We have also noticed this trend in our own house, and our guess that the close contact between customer and manufacturer has been a decisive factor. In addition, we guess that other factors which play a major role could be a more seamless communication, higher delivery reliability and better logistics solutions for the customer.


Although we have many new interesting tasks in the coming year, we are still excited about launching new projects. Whether it concerns taking over a tool and condensing a production, or bringing life into a new idea.

We wish all a great and happy year 2019.