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Thank you all for a great and exciting year in 2017.

At Unika we are proud of our businesses in the past year and that we are still in development and growth. This is due, inter alia, to our focus on optimization and efficiency of the company.

We have, among other things, obtained new machines in both plastic productions and in the tool division in the form of measuring machines, a 500-ton moulding machine and a high-end wire detector. Through the addition of new machines and updating of the existing machinery, the good quality is maintained, and we can continue to meet our customers' increasing demands for the delivery of high-quality plastic materials and with high accuracy. We are proud of that.

As something new, we have also expanded our program with compression moulding. Using this technique, more homogeneous physical properties and fewer stress stresses are achieved in the subject than in conventional injection moulding. This is, among other things, a great advantage if, for example, plastic items are to be milled or otherwise processed afterwards. In some cases, this technique can also be used with advantage for subjects requiring minimum dropped areas.

The year has also offered a test of alternative plastic materials, as a more environmentally oriented solution. Among other things, we have had a new polycarbonate in production, which consists of 100% recycled material. This has attracted a lot of interest among companies who want a product that is created with better consideration for the environment and the best possible use of resources.

In spring 2017 we received the year's Business Prize 2016 from Erhverv Silkeborg. We see it as a big cheer and we are proud that our positive corporate culture, among other things, was mentioned as justification. We appreciate each employee as it is in common that we achieve the results that have given us this great price.

We believe in the growth of new tasks due to the fact, that we can offer the entire package from developing and manufacturing tools for delivering finished plastic items. With our new warehouse, there is also room for the company's growing plant. The building, which was opened in September, added 600m2 to storage space and houses approx. 500 pallets.

We still have great ambitions for the new year, and let our vision of more environmentally oriented solutions lead us into a good 2018.

New addition to the production equipment

In our tooling department, an older wire nail has been replaced with the latest in the market; AgieCharmilles Cut P 550.

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Precious seconds

We have visited Nordic Polymers to focus on precious seconds and optimize production. Although many areas can be optimized in the molding process, it must be done with respect for the customer's requirements, such as ...

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New warehouse

The 6 meter tall warehouse is an extension of approx. 500 pallet places, and with the new loading ramp it will be easier to receive and ship goods ...

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Unika Danmark A/S is building a larger warehouse

The buildings we bought in 2014 are now filled to the brim, and therefore we have invested in a new building. We are looking forward to expanding our existing location further, and ...

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Unika is expanding again

We are currently building a 600 m2 warehouse for the composite factory's raw materials and for the finished products to customers. Additionally, a new ...

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New 500-ton Moulding Machine

This may, we have received and installed yet another 500-ton moulding machine. The machine is from Demag and is equipped with a Wittmann robot.

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Unika wins the "Silkeborg Business Award of 2016" by Silkeborg Erhverv

"The Danish manufacturing companies are beginning to receive the recognition that they truly deserve. It means a lot to us, that this year we can honour a company which is founded by a broad technical knowledge in their field of plastic manufacturing"

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